Yemen: a civil war under Saudi bombing

A few days ago, the UN were to vote a resolution  which would have withdrew Saudi Arabia from the Assembly of Permanent Members.

This resolution would have been in accordance with the recommendations of both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, which documented  all the violations of human rights in Yemen by Saudi Arabia, since the beginning of the war.Unfortunately, the resolution was not voted.Despite the repeated bombings, Saudi Arabia is still a permanent member of the UN.

Taking the facts into account, Saudi Arabia is a powerful country, wealthy, with resources in oil, and an excellent client to weapons traders : the Kingdom buys regularly  arms to the USA, to the UK, to France; unlike this, Yemen is composed of tribes , who are in a civil war , between the Shia and the supporters of the former regime .For most Western people, it is first the country of origin of ISIS and Al Qaeda.

But the more important factor is the religious one: Saudi Arabia is a Sunni country, and the Shia population of Yemen makes it fear of the neighbor, Iran , Shia, too.this is a “proxy war” under civilians, under towns , where the population is divided.

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Saudi Arabia adds a war to another one; but Saudi Arabia has planes, bombs, and is backed by a solid coalition.

Yemeni civilians have nothing to fight back, only their courage ad the fact they believe for a political cause: supporters of the former President versus his  adversaries .

On Twitter, the hashtag #Saudi defeat is expressing this cause: Yemen against Saudi Arabia, despite the civil war.

As for the weapon trade, which gives Saudi Arabia its supply , activists have made against  it a petition, which can be available  against all wars:




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