Photos and media

When the corpse of young Aylan was found on a Turkish beach, one year ago, the whole world was shocked and much moved.

The media, usually indifferent on the issue of Syria,  reacted quickly, and relayed the information during days and days. The question was : “can a photo move the world?”. On the moment, in effect, it moved it.

Then the silence covered again the events in this country, even if NGOs  such as Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International reported the constant violations of the international right by Assad and Russia.

Cities like Aleppo, Idled, besieged and bombed, are the symbol of the Syrian crisis.Recently, doctors stayed in Aleppo called to the US administration to have help.

On Twitter , the hashtags #prayforAleppo and #saveAleppo were shared actively.

In dailies, breaking news were on other topics until the photo of  young Omran , rescued after a Russian airstrike was largely shared , by the same, on social media, by Syrian activists and supporters of this cause:it is this of the header, which is under property of the Syria Campaign , an awareness movement.

The young boy, in a ambulance, was hit in the face: the video and the photo , taken by a Syrian photographer, on the moment, shows a  kid who is injured, covered of blood , under shock.It is moving .

Once again, media , which were silent until this photo, ask us: “can  a photo move the world?”.

After its publication, the United Nations, which passed many Resolutions, but inefficient, on Syria, speak again of negotiations : see Ban ‘s talk about it.

Even the USA and Russia are announced by the papers as having discussed , although Russia supports Assad and the USA are leading the international coalition backing the opposition and fighting ISIS.

However, media are optimist on the way the photo has moved the diplomacy of the USA.

The site of the Department of State shows it clearly: Syria is not a question of diplomacy , only of humanitarian help.The reader can find the link below:

In the case of Aylan’s photo as in Omran’s one, to the question, “can a photo move the world?”, the answer is the correct question: “can a photo move the media?”; precisely, “how a photo move the media?”Photo versus silence…




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