Nobel for the White Helmets

Thanks to the online activism , the committee of the Nobel Price has selected the White Helmets, the Syrian Civil Defense, in the potential winners.

It is a good new that  is worth  to share, because of the courage of these heroes of Syria, who saved  many lives since 2013, under the bombs , risking to die to save others .

On Twitter, the hashtag #nobel4thewhitehelmets was active in support of this cause since a while.

People wanting to support it, can sign a petition issued by the Syria Awareness Campaign; the link is below:

The petition is international, in all languages.

The picture of the header is taken from the Syrian Awareness Campaign.

As a remember, The Syrian Civil Defense  rescued civilians in the town of Idled, which  has been bombed , as everyday, by Assad’s forces , backed by Russia.

It is only an example of what is done by these volunteers, all workers in professions which had nothing to do with this before the Revolution.

The very good new would be that they win this Peace Nobel Price.

For fighting against the war and its consequences, because a whole population in Syria is victim of a genocide in a perfect indifference, they deserve this Award.

Peace Nobel Price for the White Helmets: there is no more to add.



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