Wake up, world!

This post could be named, too, “A tribute to Syrians”, because since the very beginning of the Revolution, in March 2011, nobody in the West has helped this people to free and thrive.
Unlike this, we consider with the biggest indifference their shelling by Russia, which backs Assad in his genocide .
We denied the refugees the right to asylum , and Aylan’s photo, dead on a beach, shocked the opinion on the moment , but is now forgotten: as a remember, he was a child who should have been ours.
The refugees ‘s crisis of 2015 is now explained by theories of the plot, by some.
By this time, while the media were only serving the public the threat of terrorist attacks by IS, to induce a confusing between Syrian civilians and terrorists, on the ground, which means in Syria, the so-called “terrorists”fought IS with courage.
Thanks to their fight, town were freed, such as Manjib today.
The whole population is celebrating this liberation: under the reign of the Islamic State, the beard was mandatory for men, as the complete hijab for women, from head to toes ; smoking was forbidden, and shops had to be closed at prayer hours; if not, the sentence was immediate. To have more details, the reader can go to the site Syria Awareness Campaign, in which we found these ones.Picture of the header under copyright of this site.
Nobody in Western readers can imagine that freedom means shaving, smoking , burning a hijab , etc.
No one is aware that this liberation is a self-liberation: who came to help them? No one.
They fought IS with their own means, and their courage.
In certain circumstances, they only have this one.It is the case of the White Helmets, Syria Civil Defense, composed of volunteers,workers in different professions before the Revolution. They now save lives, as did Khalid Omar when he died saving a baby.
Who mentioned it?
People are focused on the Rio Games : let’s focus on the fact that a team composed of refugees competes.They have their flag and their anthem ; the flag shows the precariousness of the condition of refugees : it is a survival bag of ship .
In Syria, the population has been starved . Syrians are fighting , in our indifference, since 2011.
Wake up, world!

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