Raif Badawi: his fight under lights

Since years, the blogger Raif Badawi is sentenced to flogging and jail for having offended, according to the laws of Saudi Arabia, the religion.

He has become a symbol a free speech, and petitions monitored by Amnesty International called for a stop of the flogging.

Next month,  his fight will be the subject of a movie, thanks to his wife, who related his life, the campaigns for him, in a book.

Even if the venue  is not announced publicly, it is followed by all his supporters on Twitter and social networks.

His wife published the book in Canada, where she relayed the campaigns in favor of her husband.

Back to the sentence and the campaigns against it, the hashtags  #Free Raif and #I am Raif were viral on Twitter.

In some countries, people marched in favor of his freedom and gathered in front of the embassies of Saudi Arabia.

The meetings were not unsuccessful : they showed a movement of solidarity towards a man who dared express  his ideas, at the risk of his freedom.

The movie will put under light , for the public opinion, the ignored laws of Saudi Arabia in matter of religion, their restriction towards free speech.

It will enlighten Raif Badawi’s courage, to break these restrictions: free speech could not be jailed, his followers are numerous, and his wife conducted the fight to a goal: the movie will be a story of resistance.

Resistance to the power , resistance to prosecution: the story of a free man where freedom of speech is inexistent.





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