Aleppo under siege

It has been weeks and weeks now since the town of Aleppo is besieged by Assad and Russia.

The United Nations promised to send food to the starving population , but the safe corridors have been broken more than once , impeaching the food to reach its destination.

Aleppo has been freed by the Free Syrian Army, while the White Helmets, the Civil Defense, rescued the injured under the bombs .

Daily, the White Helmets, whose nobody talk about ,are the anonymous heroes of the Syrian genocide  : civilians before the Revolution of 2011, they now save the lives of the injured and search the corpses so they have a tomb .

Aleppo is now bombed again by Russia, and the safe corridors no more exist; moreover, the food which reached the besieged town is insufficient for the whole population.

Regularly, electricity and water are cut: doctors  cannot practice in hospitals which are bombed and where electricity is cut by the shelling.

Aleppo is becoming a living cemetery, this of the Revolution of March 2011.

In newspapers I read today, some compared Aleppo to Stalingrad ; we can hope one thing: that Aleppo should be  freed before becoming a new Stalingrad.

Those who know history must remember the destiny of this very  town .

We must remember , too, that Stalingrad was in  Russia: now, Russia is helping Assad in his genocide.

Russian barrel bombs, Assad’s ones: the promise to the United Nations is inexistent.

In the most lucky  times, the break in shelling to establish the safe corridors  is of three hours: three hours in weeks and weeks of shelling  and starvation.




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