Thanks to Twitter

Thanks to Twitter, solidarity with Syria and Bahrain still exist, although worldwide these countries have stopped to exist, despite the human rights violations in Bahrain, despite the genocide in Syria.
On the network, petitions invite to act for Syrians ; don’t search them anywhere, they don’t exist elsewhere .
The reason why? The absolute indifference of the population towards this situation: it is the next Bosnia, the next Rwanda, and nobody cares.
Local problems, especially economical ones , have took the place in the opinion.
If Syria exists in the news, it is when a teen is arrested, radicalized online by the Islamic State , and in the move to Syria , to grow the camp of IS .
The population is forgotten; however, activists, very few, alert, on the ground, on the situation of refugees, in France, particularly.Calais has been dismantled, and refugees settled in other place.
Now, refugees are competing as athletes at the Olympic Games : the #Team Refugees is a hope, it gives a true meaning to the Olympic ceremonial, which became, with years, Money Games; with the #team refugees, Olympic Games mean again: peace.
On Twitter, we are all Syrians , in solidarity with this people.
We don’t forget all the actions to be undertaken: in favor of Palestine, of Iran, of Iraq, and so on.
The TV program, the upcoming concert, the next elections or strikes , we follow, of course; but we know the importance of information.
Information matters; but human lives are primordial.
Where human rights are in danger, we stand : in real life, and in the social network.
When life is indifference, networks remains; here we stand, in support of human rights.
The picture of the header was shared on Twitter . I liked it .I want to share it with more people.

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