Letter for Syria

I don’t know if European leaders will take in consideration the importance of a single letter, even if each citizen is enabled to write to the President of the Republic.
But what I know is the humanitarian disaster in this country, the genocide nobody talks about.
These single words will be posted on social networks.
World while leaders,from Europe and the USA, Syria is dying in your indifference; most victims are civilians , and children.
Assad and Putin are responsible for a genocide; as you are under threat of terrorist attacks by ISIS on your territories,and are alerted by specialists of the issue, think of those who live daily under bombs : Assad’s ones; Islamic State’s attacks; would you live this ?
Since five years, you have done nothing . Journalists have received Assad , in France, on a public channel , at the most viewed TV news.
The UN have published reports: reports for nothing .
You have refused shelter to refugees, despite the asylum laws of the country.
Enough inaction, enough shame.
Syria needs you.
Time to act.
Inaction is a crime.

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