Silence is a War Crime

On Twitter, posters with this chant continue to affirm the existence of the Syrian Revolution; unlike this, the indifference of the international community is astonishing.
In breaking news, of course, others posts took the place of the Syrian slaughter. It has been five years, now, that civilians are murdered both by the Assad regime, helped by Russia, and the ISIS forces. Every month, the Syrian Network for Human Rights documents the violations of the international laws , but it become harder to get access to information , due to the violence of the fights.
The Center for Violations of Rights in Syria, too,provide information on the issue; but it appears clearly that less and less people people follow this actuality.
On social networks, the activism is greater than in dailies, where the subject, Syria, disappeared completely.
However, although dismantled by the diverse forces in presence, the country remains vividly of actuality: most of the victims are women and children.
Under all the International Conventions, silence on these violations of the right has become complicity.
For a remembrance, after each genocide, the opinion, horrified, said: “oh , no more again”.
It has been the case after WWII, after the Bosnia, the Rwanda, and up to now , were they efficient, the decisions of the UN?
Concerning Syria, Resolutions after Resolutions , we stay at the same very point: the zero point.
Public opinion felt concerned by the fleet of refugees in 2015, but now, are they proud of the Refugees Team in Rio? No.
In this one,a Syrian competes: the information was verified on the site of the UNHCR.
And do European and American feel shameful facing the starving population of the besieged towns, where starvation is employed as a weapon of war?
NO, they ignore it; their attention is focused on other issues .
Unfashionable, the events in Syria?
Are War crimes, and even more, a genocide, matter of breaking news? Matter of fashion?
Bombs kill; silence kills, too.The choice between indifference and involvement (and, even, activism)is a question of conscience. In the 30th , Brecht, the well-known German writer, anti-Nazi, wrote: “Who fight can loose; who don’t fight has always lost”.

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