Islamophobia as a political program?

Populist leaders often use the pretext of terrorist attacks to tarnish the reputation of Muslims.
In France, the debate is again about who can preach in mosques: the financing of them seeming suspect to the government, instead of creating an instance of religious education , such as for Jewish synagogues,the State violates a law it created itself at the beginning of the 20th Century, in 1905.This one separates the State and religion, and is the basis of free religious expression in the territory.
It is a benediction for far-right leaders, who progress in polls: they have their motto, all Muslims are categorized as dangerous.
But never have we seen the bottom lines arguments used towards this community by the candidate Trump .
His speech , concerning the ban of Muslims in the USA, went quickly viral on the web , because in it,a fallen soldier, dead in Iraq in 2004, a Muslim, was attacked.
With these words, and the father’s soldier reaction, he provoked a movement of solidarity in all the living veterans, even those of the Vietnam War.
The parents of the Iraq soldier, reacted promptly; the father is seen proposing the candidate an exemplary of the US Constitution, from the tribune of the Democrat Convention where he spoke , to defend his son.Picture of the header taken from the New York Post.
With this act, he wants to remember that in it, all citizens are equal before the law, and that freedom of expression is the 1st Amendment.
Entitled with these rights, Muslims, as others, have not to be the target of any political party nor candidate.
Sympathy for victims of terrorist attacks is a good thing: Muslims themselves don’t share the extremist views of the bombers; the confusing between Al Qaeda and Islam is another extremism: this of the far-right wing parties, in Europe as in the USA.A path had be made in it : wishing it should be the worst.

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