Humanitarian help for Aleppo?

According to the official propaganda, food would be conducted to the town of Aleppo, and trucks no more hijacked from their purpose. The World Food Program, in partnership with social networks, collected easily enough food for the needs of the region, but the regime deliberately hijacked the trucks and blocked them.They never arrive to Daraya nor to Aleppo.
Today,the UN announced that its help could be counted in ; but the last Resolution of the Security Council on the question is dated of December, 2015.
Months after , the situation is worse,and the Assad’s message towards the media is a personal success ; in a time when he began to be unpopular to the international community, he convinces the media that the humanitarian help should arrive to the besieged towns .
Unlike this, on the site of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, it appears that Aleppo was bombed today by the airplanes of the regime, with the help of the Russian army.Cluster bombs were still targeted on the town.
So, no humanitarian help, but bombs , as usual. Since 2012, the destruction of the town, both by the Islamic State and the Assad forces , is a daily fact that nobody can ignore .
The international community , failing to all its duties towards the populations in danger, and in violation of all the International Conventions, ignore these attacks.
It feels concerned by refugees (by refusing them) , by ISIS when it commits an attack on the ground, which is in Europe, or in America (both the USA and Canada), but in Syria, what is the R2P for?
R2P : Responsibility to Protect.
Where is it in Syria? Today, breaking news were in favor of a dictator killing his own people . Without analyze, the propaganda was taken into account: seriously… Is this Information ?
The pictures for Aleppo were old archeological sites, destroyed; and human lives?

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