Save the children of Syria

Today, the NGO “Save the Children” told on its Twitter account that an hospital of the organization has been destroyed in Syria.
Everyday, hospitals are bombed , such as schools. NGOs on the ground , which are providing what lacks in the country , are themselves the target of the regime.
As it must be remembered, no kid can be in a war zone, according to the Declaration of the Rights of Children.
Moreover, if they are, they deserve a particular protection, and cannot be targeted nor bombed.It is contrary to all Conventions signed after WWII, especially the Geneva Conventions signed in 1949.Russia, the ally of Assad, which is bombing Syrians , signed these Conventions .
Trucks carrying food hijacked from their purpose, so that the population is starving; and now attacking even foreign organization which are there to help, to create a campaign in favor of children , on the ground, first, and by an appeal to donations on their website: this is the politics of the Syrian regime towards its population.
On the other hand, ISIS is weaker now in the main regions : the Front al Nusra is not concerned by children. The Caliphate wants goals more prestigious, such as an embassy,or archeological sites, such as in Aleppo.
Kids are the target of the regime, and the organization “Save the Children”, the well -known , was , too,  for this reason.The picture of the header is a poster of the NGO.
Day after day, with method and a precise cruelty, the Assad regime is destroying Syria, in its roots, in its future: in its families, and in its kids.
Children of Syria: save them before they die.

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