Why going again to Libya is a bad idea

The supposed presence of ISIS is an argument for justifying a military intervention in Libya (the second one, the first was in 2011 ).
But to sum up, the first intervention , in 2011, expanded the crisis to the border countries , especially the Southern ones; the tribes of the South , some of those were African , contributed to the coup in the Mali, and the destabilization of this territory.
Once again, civilians paid the hard price to the war.
A lack of knowledge of Libya produced this disaster : the country is composed of tribes , and had, before Qadhafi’s coup , two capitals, Tripoli and Benghazi.
The tribes wanted freedom, dignity , justice.
the military intervention contributed to the ruin of Benghazi.
Now, this word is known, as this of Aleppo in Syria, as a ruin.
Unlike Aleppo is the fruit of the battle between ISIS and the forces of liberation, Benghazi has been partly destroyed by the bombs of the international coalition .
Again, now, Libya is a military stake for the USA, and for France, its ally , which argues in favor of it.
In fact, ISIS is a pretext, because the group has a more aggressive policy in Syria and in Iraq , and nobody is ready to act for Syrians starving in Daraya since days and days…
But Libya possesses a wealth that is the true stake of all these interventions : its oil.
Human rights are one thing , they are the goal which can be presented to the public: saving the population from ISIS; in 2011, it was the R2P, the UN Resolution called “Responsibility to Protect” .
It’s time to say the truth : Libya is better known from the local fighters than from the Western ones.
And leaders are not making a war for human rights, for saving a population hijacked by ISIS.
Their indifference towards the region where ISIS is the more efficient , Syria and Iraq, is revelatory.In these very countries, hospitals are bombed, children no more go to schools, because there are no more schools.
Before going to Libya again, think twice: one said an idea is worth dying for. Is oil worth , too ?

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