Indifference killed the crisis?

In 2015, the migrants crisis was in the breaking news almost every days.
Europe, the USA, Canada, were concerned by it.
The European Commission was obliged to pass laws in emergency to fix it, because migrants were at the borders of Europe, in Hungary , in trains .These images of shame were daily , as the statement of the Calais Camp in the North of France.
This one is now no more , and it lost its reason of existing , because migrants were here , waiting for a journey in the UK.
Now, with the Brexit,as the UK is no more part of the EU,border is established again.
But the point is not here : it is that football , holidays,local protests are now the breaking news and the interest of the opinion.
Only specialists are following the question.
Terrorist attacks are more interesting than the destiny of civilians: a special coverage of the facts assures ten to fifteen minutes of the TV journal, the most viewed by the public .
As the population is aging, TV is viewed , and papers are read by a large part of people.
The last news in France are the scandal created by the attack in Nice, and, in the USA, by the electoral campaign.
The stakes in these ones are not the refugees: they are the fight against terrorism.
The Iraqi Wars of the USA , the enforcement in France of the State of Emergency Law are creating a confusing between the terrorists in Syria and Iraq, the crimes of the Syrian regime, and the Syrian population.
Using Twitter and YouTube, I saw on the last social media that the most popular videos were entertainment, and fashionable music.
Songs for summer, that’s normal.
But how many people remember today the situation in Syria? The photo of the header is under copyright of the UNHCR.
Relating to poverty, to which alludes the photo, most people think of the rates of unemployment in their country . The economical crisis had reduced in a huge way the possibility to give in favor of refugees . The link “give” in most associations is less attractive.
Petitions , however, for subscribers of the NGO Amnesty International, have always success . But it needs to be subscribed , so aware.
On social media such as Twitter, the crisis is still here: accounts keep the news alive.The hashtag #The Revolution Continues is a good example of the fertility of it.
In conclusion, for the public, indifference is working, because breakings news are the only way it is informed.Unlike this, on social media, the refugees crisis is still alive, and , with it, the Syrian Revolution.

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