Daesch, ISIS:know the issue you talk about

There is no day without the word “Daesch” in the French news, which took the Arabic name without a translation, or without “ISIS” in English.
Media are keeping the pressure on the opinion, making it live under threat.
Recently, in France, two terrorist attacks took place: one in Nice, during the Carnival, and the other in the Paris region.
The immediate reaction of the Government was without hesitation : the proposal of a “national guard”, composed of citizens who could be member of the police forces in such cases.
The party which is the happier in this policy is the extremist one, which is considering all Muslims and Arabs as potential terrorists.
We must be aware of the danger of the appeal of this party (35 °/° of sympathy in some regions of France) .
Relating to human rights, the guarantee of religion and free expression is not a right with such populist leaders.
Nobody is never coming to explain what is the Islamist movement and what are its origins.
The public deserves to know it, instead of living in fear.
Generally, fear has produced in the opinion the authoritarian regimes; we must remember that all were democratically elected.
As Islam phobia is growing with the misunderstanding of this religion, the words “Daesch” or “ISIS” must be , either less employed, either explained.
It has not to precise that the explanation must be the fact of specialists.

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